Thursday, September 14, 2006

What the gospel can do for you...

When I was between the age of 4-5, I had a girlfriend. Her name was Cansey. She had red hair. I once told my parents that she had beautiful blonde hair. I of course thought that blonde was another way of saying beautiful. Probably because I had heard others talk about girls with "beautiful blonde hair". Regardless, this is one of the stories that my mom has told for years. Probably the only reason I remember the story at all. My only brief memory of her is that she kissed me on the back while I was walking home from her house. She moved away before school started, and in the back of my mind I always wondered about her. You know, first love and all. I guess it is one of those fond memories I like to look back on.

Recently, I have started scouring the internet to find people who I used to know. I have recently come in contact with a couple of people from high school and one kid from elementary school who I only remember because I have him in some pictures from a field day, and the fact that we called him kissyfur because of the cartoon by that name and the fact that his name was Kristopher. Anyway, I decided to look up Cansey the other day. I found her, but in one of the most unlikely places.

I went to google and typed in her name. I happen to know her full name so it made things easier. I highly doubt that there are too many people with the same name anyway. I don't remember what exact combination I used, but eventually I found someone with the same name in the same general area that I thought she should live in and the right age. I found her on the county sherrifs web site. No, she isn't an officer there, she is an inmate. The website shows current inmates in the system so she is in Jail as I type this post. It says she is in for parole violation, but a glance at the picture shows sores on her mouth, a dazed look on her face and she has the appearance of a 40 year old. She is 31 as of August. It's pretty obvious that she is there because of drugs.

I can't help but remember that we both were once happy, playful children. We lived in the same trailer park. We were merely three trailers down the road from each other. We are the same age. What a difference time can make. I have three beautiful children and a wonderful family. I have made mostly good choices in my life. I give all the credit to the spirit of God. My parents were also a good influence on me, though they were not perfect and we didn't always go to church (father was a non-member).

I can't help but wonder what went wrong in her life. What influences did she have? My heart goes out to her, and I am seriously considering sending her a letter. I don't know what I would say. Perhaps it wouldn't do any good, but perhaps it would. Maybe I should only pray for her.

It only illistrates to me that anything can happen to anybody. Anyone can make the wrong choices and end up like the sweet little girl I used to know, in peril and in desperate need to the gospel or some other good influence in their lives.

To me she will always be that "beautiful blonde" redheaded girl I knew when I was knee high to a grasshopper.

God Bless you Cansey.


Bookslinger said...

I don't know if contacting her would be beneficial or not.

There's a movie out called "49 Up". Which is the 7th movie in a series, that has followed the same people from childhood, starting at age 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49. The '49 Up' website is here. It's currently playing at some independent movie theaters. And you can get the first 6 installments on video.

I came across an interesting story about a triple combination that I bought used on Ebay. It's about 24 years old, and in new condition. I Googled the names inscribed in it. I found out that the father is in a federal pen, and the son was in a county jail. The birthdates in the inscriptions matched the birthdates in the online info too.

Ian said...

Thanks bookslinger for your comment. I love the idea for that documentary. I will definitely look it up.

Your story about the triple combination is also interesting. There are so many paths we can take in this life.

Again, thanks for that information.