Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Orrin Hatch is underhanded

The hoo-ha over the "flag burning" amendment is completely ridiculous. I really don't understand the need to create a law outlawing the desecration of the flag. It stinks of idol worship if you ask me.

It is painfully obvious that this whole thing is another ploy by the Republicans to paint the Democrats as "un-American". Hatch pretty much affirms this when he said "I think this is getting to where they are not going to be able to escape the wrath of the voters,"

He is all but admitting that he hopes that this vote will hurt Democrats. I have noticed that Hatch is fond of being under-handed. I think he is an embarrassment to the church. Not for his stands on issues, but his underhanded and vicious style of politics. He is as bad as Carl Rove.

This is a completely un-necessary amendment. I think it undermines freedom of speech and it is a form of idol worship, something that many people are guilty of. Honoring the flag is one thing, but worshipping it by outlawing any desecration of it is going too far.

What say ye?

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