Friday, September 15, 2006

Hate has a new voice...

When I think about white supremacy, usually skin heads and punk rock music are what I think of. I am not so naive to think that all white supremists are punk rockers or that they listen to punk music, it's just the steriotype.

Anyway, be prepared for kinder, gentler hate. I just heard of two teen twin sisters (say that 10 times real fast) who are making music that is "is intended for white people,". So declares their website.

It's always sad to me to see young people spreading what is ignorance and hate. They claim to be trying to "preserve" the white race, and not spreading hatred. Fundamentally, they feel that the white race is superior. "Preserving the white race" is much more PC than hating all others.

I hope this doesn't start a trend. We already have to worry about sex and violence in pop music, I would hate to now have to monitor "white pride."

I guess this is nothing new, there is plenty of music out there that promotes hatred of white people. News

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