Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Orrin Hatch is underhanded

The hoo-ha over the "flag burning" amendment is completely ridiculous. I really don't understand the need to create a law outlawing the desecration of the flag. It stinks of idol worship if you ask me.

It is painfully obvious that this whole thing is another ploy by the Republicans to paint the Democrats as "un-American". Hatch pretty much affirms this when he said "I think this is getting to where they are not going to be able to escape the wrath of the voters,"

He is all but admitting that he hopes that this vote will hurt Democrats. I have noticed that Hatch is fond of being under-handed. I think he is an embarrassment to the church. Not for his stands on issues, but his underhanded and vicious style of politics. He is as bad as Carl Rove.

This is a completely un-necessary amendment. I think it undermines freedom of speech and it is a form of idol worship, something that many people are guilty of. Honoring the flag is one thing, but worshipping it by outlawing any desecration of it is going too far.

What say ye?

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Brian Duffin said...

Ian, I agree with you on the "flag burning" admendment- completely ridiculous. That said, Orrin Hatch is a politician and is using this as a means to energize the conservative base.

Are his tactics underhanded? Depends on which side of the aisle you sit on. Are his tactics vicious? I don't think so.

Now, to address the issue of Hatch being an embarrassment to the church. I think you go a little too far in your characterization. Yes, the flag ammendment was unecessary and completely political. That's a given. He's a POLITICIAN and they play political games.

The best politician I have ever seen in action is Bill Clinton. He was a master at playing the game. He made Republicans mad as hell when he took their issues and made them his own. He was and is the political master. Is he an embarrassment to his church? Hardly.

Just my $0.02.

Ian said...

Yes, of course he is a politician, but to me he comes off as particularly unchristlike in his attitude. I can't think of another LDS politician who tries so hard to create anger and to encourage partisen politics.

I agree that Bill Clinton is the master politician. Bill Clinton never used overtly mean tactics in his politics. He was much more subtle and diplomatic, very much unlike Hatch. They are probably the antithesis of each other when it comes to political tactics.

I see no reason to be mean spirited like Hatch is. I always cringe when he does something like this.

Ian said...

Not to mention the fact that, when Bill Clinton does something, the world doesn't see him as a (whatever the heck he is), but when Hatch does something, more often than not, people will see him as a Mormon.

It's like comparing apples and oranges.

Brian Duffin said...

You haven't convinced me that Hatch is mean spirited. What is wrong with calling for a vote on a constitutional ammendment that has a lot of support in the Senate, and with the American people? Why is that mean spirited?

True, Hatch wants to make the Democrats look bad. But that's part of the dance in Washington.

Hatch being Mormon just makes him a bigger target for people who don't like his politics. People who don't like the church love to complain about its members and their alleged wrongs.

As for Bill Clinton and religion, his oval-office tryst with whats-her name made everyone forget he is a Christian. Of course, if there is a photo op that involves a church, he is all over it like an intern! :-)

Guy Murray said...

Ian and Brian-- my .02:

I agree with Ian, Orrin Hatch is an embarrassment to the Church. His support of that idiotic flag burning amendment is pathetic. If we take a look around we see our nation engaged in a war (of choice not necessity) without end, spilling the best fighting blood the world has ever known; health care is in shambles; we are more and more dependent on unstable foreign oil, all the while providing our sworn enemies the capital they so desperately need to fight against us with each barrel we purchase; our foreign trade deficits continue to climb, as does our national debt.

Yet, while the U.S. burns, Orrin fiddles with his flag burning nonsense. The fact that most of the Senate appears to agree with Hatch, is simply an indictment against them and their warped priorities.

I don't know if Hatch is mean spirited. I do think him incompetent, and/or oblivious to the real critical issues at hand. What compounds the problem is that we share the same faith. I remain embarrassed every time he speaks..

Cliff said...

Sen. Hatch got up and said that it wasn't political. He knows that is a lie. As proof he said they did it in 2000 also. So what? That was an election year too.

The point I don't see made is that this amendment will not really protect the flag. The prospect of going to jail for burning a flag and therefore being a political prisoner will increase flag buring, not decrease it. Although any flag burning would probably be an increase.

It doesn't bother me so much that Orrin does this. He is a politician and insincerity is there stock and trade. But that this rabid non-issue would resonate with anyone shows that emotion is much more important than information to much of the electorate.

Jolard said...

As another LDS Democrat, it sickens me too. Mostly because not only am I a Democrat, I am a Mormon also, and we need to set a higher standard in all we do.

Stopping people from burning the flag has to be at number 1000 on my list of priorities that our government should be concentrating on. Instead we waste time on go-no-where and change-nothing legislation. It really saddens me.

Ian said...

Amen Jolard.

I really don't buy the crap that "He's a politician, and that's the game..." I mean, you can't separate your religion and your job, in my opinion, especially if your job is in the public eye. Granted, no one is perfect, but some of these guys should be a slightly better example.