Thursday, February 23, 2006

Outcast Genius

I took one of those lame surveys online the other day, and this one was to determine if I was either a Dork, a Geek or a Nerd.

It turns out that I am an outcast Genius.

What that means is that, I am too cool for the Geeks, Dorks, or Nerds, but I am not cool enough for the other people.

In other words, I don't fit in in either group.

This is true. Judging from the fact that I have zero friends. Friends from high school don't even reply to my emails. I can't even get anyone to reply to my blogs. I don't hang out with anyone from church. There was a going away get together for a sister from the ward whose husband had died in a plane crash only months ago, and suprisingly enough, my wife and I were invited (mostly because of my wife). I didn't partake in any conversations because, well, they were about cars or other stuff. I tried starting a conversation or two, but to no avail.

The truth is, I am never interested in the same things as anyone else I meet.

What to do? That's why I started going to blogs. I thought I could meed some really cool people here, have some interesting conversation. I think that I have accoplished that. There are some great people on the bloggernacle and some good conversation. But, alas, i'm not sure that I fit in here either. Again, Outcast Genius.


Ariel said...

I heart Ian.

C Jones said...

Hmmm, Outcast Genius almost sounds like some kind of superhero. What could be better than that?

Eric Nielson said...

I feel almost like you do. Unfortunately I am more than just a few points short of a genius. I guess I am an outcast man of average intelligence.

Is it true that many of us have fewer and fewer friends the older we get? Perhaps more socially, emotionally independent?

Ian said...


Again, thanks for your kind words. My little 3 year old redhead sometimes likes to think of herself as The Little Mermaid, so I am fond of the name Ariel anyway.


I think that most definitely as we get older, we become more independent and we rely less and less on friends for comfort or companionship. I am personally glad that I have a wonderful wife and three great kids that bring me much happiness. I Don't think I would spend a ton of time out of the house even if I had some good friends.

From elementery school through Mid school, I was pretty much a loner. I was lucky to make a few friends in High school, but wasn't able to keep them afterwards. It didn't help that I left for my mission and then came home to a different state.

In actuality, I recently went to my High School reunion, and some of the people I had been bitter enemies with turned out to be decent people. That particular experience helped me a little with the bad feelings I had harbored through the years.

Oh, and I don't think that being an "outcast genius" makes one smart academically, it only means that you have an uncanny ability to be an outcast no matter where you go. :-)

c jones,

I think i'm a long ways from donning a pair of tights, with underwear on the outside telling poeple that i'm "Outcast Genius Man", though the idea of becoming a superhero is definitely appealing. :-)

On a side note, the ideal example of an outcast genius according to the survey I took was Bill Gates.