Thursday, October 01, 2009

A couple of thoughts on the internet.

It's hard to remember how life was before the internet. How did we settle arguments? How did we meet strange people that we would never ever let into our homes, but still be their friend? I could ask these questions all day long.

If there was a stone age, a bronze age, and an Iron age, what age came after that? I'm guessing a steel age or something? Well, I'm pretty sure that it's definite that we now live in the information age, or maybe it's the Silicon age, i'm not sure.

Anyway, the information that has become more readily available to members of the church is vast. The things we can learn about our history is both terrible and wonderful. Wonderful because we can get a better portrayal of Church doctrine and history through the years, and terrible because of the same thing.

I read a bit about Joseph's plural wives the other day that I only vaguely about. Regardless of what Joseph had done, I still have faith that he was a Prophet, it's just that I have a different perspective of him. I'm sure that many people have lost their testimonies over that vast amounts of data available out there, I just hope that as many or more will join over the it as well. The other day, a girl I knew in high school asked through Facebook (I recently added her as a friend) If I knew how to get her a copy of the Book of Mormon. I sent her links to the web page. I'll probably follow up with her in the next little while. Hopefully it works out.

We live in a wonderful time, Blog on!

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