Monday, October 23, 2006


I’m not sure who came up with CTR, but I have always liked the acronym. It’s a simple reminder to make right decisions. At first, I didn’t like WWJD because of the fact that it may invoke the saviors name too often. I think that some people use WWJD in a flagrant way still. However, I was thinking about these two acronyms the other day and I started applying them into certain situations. In a way, WWJD is superior in some ways, and CTR is superior in others.

Choose the Right. In some ways it’s a subjective term. What’s right in a given situation? CTR gives the person more leeway to decide what is right. This is good because what’s right in one situation can be wrong in another. It fits in perfectly with free will. It’s good points can also be its bad points.

What Would Jesus Do? This is less subjective. If you are in any situation, think to yourself “WWJD?” If Jesus wouldn’t perform that act, then you shouldn’t do it. It’s that simple.

Let’s use Torture for example.

CTR. The internal thinking would be something like this “Should I torture this person? Well, torturing this person might help us back home. That’s a good thing right? Nephi was told to kill Laban, so, as long as it’s for good, I guess torture is the right thing to do…"

WWJD. “Would Jesus torture people? No, I guess he wouldn’t”

WWJD, I think can actually help us keep the savior in mind more often when making decisions than CTR. In some ways I like it better, but probably wouldn’t wear the T-Shirt.

I’m just sayin’


Zoon said...

Nephi.... isn't that from the Book of Mormon?

Zoon said...

Ah, sorry, now that I've read more of your blog I get it. Didn't realize you were LDS, I saw "Nephi" and thought I was going crazy. Anyways...

Ian said...

Yes, I am LDS and a Democrat. Crazy isn't it? I usually don't announce that fact on discussion forums, especially political ones, until someone make some kind of blanket statement about those crazy Mormons. Lol.

Although it's hard to tell, this is my religious blog.

Zoon said...

I've never understood why Christians tend to be republicans. Jesus' teachings would say that we should support the poor and sick. At least Mormons do that within their own.

The only things I can think of that would keep a Christian from being a democrat is Abortion and Gay Marriage, which, aside from being button issues don't seem to contradict Christian teachings.

Abortion - I'm against abortion but I don't see why most Christians are. If God exists then he must have allowed abortion to come into practice for a reason. Maybe he wanted women to be able to chose for themselves whether or not to have a child? From a religious point of view abortion doesn't seem as bad as from a non-religious point of view, since as I see it, aborted fetuses don't get to keep on living after they get killed.

Gay Marriage - same line of logic; if god allows people to be gay it must be for a reason. Perhaps he wants them to make the choice for themselves. Free agency or something like that am I correct?