Saturday, January 14, 2006

What is your Mormon name?

I was browsing the Net and I came across this.

Does anyone know where this perception of weird names comes from. I know that most people would think that names from the Book of Mormon are weird, but do "Mormons", or at least people from Utah have wierd names?

My Mormon name is Irelan Azer Baloo!
What's yours?


NFlanders said...

Ian, have you ever been to Utah?

People, especially people from rural Utah, often have names that start inexplicably with "La."

For example, LaVell Edwards. I've also known a LaNell. It's weird.

Ian said...

I have not spend more than a few hours in Utah.

Names beginning with La? I wonder where that stems from?

Last Lemming said...

It's not just Utah. Back in 1991, the Washington Bullets drafted a player out of Louisville named LaBradford Smith.

Ian said...

Wow, am I missing some peice of hidden doctrine about names. I thought I was trying to give my son a church centered name by using Hyrum. Perhaps I should have named him Lahyrum or something...